Bringing The American Dream House

And The American Family Together!

Bringing The American Dream House

And The American Family Together!

Full-Service Real Estate Investment Company

Buying Vacant Properties

Proven Value

Eliminate the time and complications involved with financing and maintaining a mortgage while getting the best cash value possible when you are selling your house.

Reliable Rentals

Find a house for rent in a great neighborhood, at an affordable rate, when you work with a military veteran. For military families, work with someone who understands your needs.

Proudly Serving Customers in the Cities of San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin,
Corpus Christi, and Bandera in Texas.

Proudly serving Customers Nationwide who want or need to sell their house, no matter the condition or who wants to buy their first or next home.

Learn about DeSing Family Homes, LLC

DeSing Family Homes, LLC of San Antonio, Texas, helps you get the best cash value the market can provide when you need or want to sell you property, helping to relieve the stress of maintaining an inherited, unwanted or additional property and possibly preventing undue or further financial burdens on your budget and in your life.  We buy properties and any and all conditions, financial situations and no matter the amount of equity and we pay cash, meaning there is no seeking financing, so no need to wait 45, 60, or 90 plus days before you see your money or even worrying about financing being turned down or falling through.  We also provide military families a safe place to lease or rent while stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, or Randolph Brooks Air Force Base.  We rehabilitate older homes, making them more appealing to rent or buy, therefore improving the property value of other nearby homes and strengthening the community.  The founder of the company, Rosvelt “Tony” Singleton, is a 27-year veteran of the Armed Forces, having served 13 years in the Marines and 14 years in the Army, so he understands the unique needs of the military member, their family and the military community.

DeSing Family Homes, LLC is working to create a network of affordable single-family houses, making them available to new, young, and growing families just like yours here in central Texas and nationwide.  Working to make the buying and selling of residential real estate more cost-effective, and available, while establishing and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty is of the highest importance.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, DeSing Family Homes, LLC is a local real Estate investment company that can help families across the nation.  Buying and selling single family properties at a reasonable rate is just the beginning.  Come and see what else we can do to get you prepared for your future.  All rental units are owned, managed, leased, and operated within the company and we only own and operate single family properties. 

Contact our real estate investment company when you want to sell your vacant property or distressed properties quickly. Call or message us if you are looking for a home in a community that feels like family.


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