Quickly Sell Your House

No Matter The Condition or Amount of Equity

DeSing Family Homes LLC in San Antonio, TX gets you value when you need it the most on tax-delinquent houses, Pre-foreclosures, and distressed houses. When you are selling your house and need to avoid the financing process we close quickly, so you can move on with your life.

Purchasing Properties

We buy and sell vacant properties, tax-delinquent properties, and pre-foreclosures while rehabilitating them to improve the overall appeal and market value of other houses in the community. Our team works with sellers who need to sell their house but do not want the stress of making costly renovations before getting their cash. This service is perfect for someone who may have inherited a property and does not desire to maintain it, properties that are behind on their payments or even those houses that have been vacant for a long period of time. We offer this approach to prevent the seller from having to deal with or having a foreclosure on their credit or the stress of maintaining a house they have no intentions of residing in that will only become a money pit.

Everyone Benefits

Many good people need to quickly sell their houses for a variety of reasons. Some are in need of money right away and others just can’t maintain the property anymore. We get good houses at a reasonable price and you receive cash right away without the delays and red tape associated with the financing process. You don’t have to wait for a bank’s approval and 30 days after the purchase you get the cash in hand.

Contact us when you are looking to get cash for your house or if you are in foreclosure and are looking to prevent the stress of having a hit on your credit.


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